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PC Technician - how to remove restricted policy error in AVG free

AVG won't run - due to a program privacy policy rule

I noticed that my AVG free program didn't start on startup. So I tried to start it manually to see what was wrong. Well the program wouldn't start because of a restriction by a policy rule. Apparently, these stupid policy rules are set by the group policy feature in my version of Windows xp pro. Now, maybe the group policy feature is good for an enterprise environment but is pretty much useless for home computers - like mine. Some how the policy restriction was set not to allow me to start AVG free. Phooey, what do I do now. I contacted AVG but the solution given to me didn't work as I could not execute a program I had to download. That is, the download program failed during execution. So I looked at "event viewer" (for the original error with avg) and here is what event viewer reported.

I then researched how to remove the privacy policy rule. All I found was a lot of complicated steps that didn't seem easy or logical. So here's what worked for me.

I opened the registry and found the policy rule number shown in the image above , ie, - of course you will have a different number. Now delete the two entries called "ItemData" and "SaferFlags" for this registry key. Now close registry editor and reboot your computer.

By the way this is how my registry for the key looks like now My number for this key is different than shown in image above because I re-installed AVG. Notice there are no other entries than the "Default" entry.

after the reboot I was able to start AVG and it was also placed on the taskbar (since it normaly runs in the background).

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