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PC Technician - Computer speed comparisons

Pc Technician does performance tests on his computers(3) Okay, here is a list of the computers on which I ran this test.

1. eMachine ET-1831-01 (old machine) - named porky with the following configuration.
Celeron processor 420
NVIDIA - GeForce 7050 intergrated
4 gigs of ddr2 ram
320 gig Hard drive

2. No name brand - a machine I built awhile ago - named mozart
I thought this was the cat's pajamas. I used pretty high end components at the time - a few years ago (5 maybe?). I spent about $1200 at that time. This is the machine I use to work on my website - it is fast enough for this kind of work.

Processor:Intel core(tm) quad cpu Q9550 @ 2.83 Ghz.
Memory: 8 gigs.
Video:NVIDIA - GeForce GTX 560 - memory: 2048 Mbytes
Hard drive: 1 TB

3. Dell Inspiron 5675 - bought about 2 months ago - named chopin check out specs at Amazon

So the results are shown below. All three machines run windows 10 pro. The results are shown in order "porky, mozart, and chopin". As you can see the machine chopin beats the other two - no contest! As I said before, I use both mozart and porky as my main computer to do my work on my websites and porky works as my secondary computer to do ancilliary tasks. This works out well.


I just bought another compuer from amazon - its name is dizzy and it was a few hundred dollars less than the Dell (mozart). It looks like this (mouse over image for more details) Also see the results of a performance test and you can see how it compares to mozart. This machine is fast - it boots to the desktop and ready to go in 2 seconds. I am very happy with this machine. One other benefit - it is so quiet I can fully enjoy my Tinnitus, and I don't know if the computer is on or not!

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